Small Biz DIY Accounting System Course

After taking this course you will learn how to effectively manage your documents and be on top of all your accounting tasks. You'll set up and learn to use accounting software. You will be able to know your numbers in real time (and actually understand what they mean). And in general you'll learn small biz bookkeeping.This video course is made up of two parts:

  • Chapter 1 through 4 will cover the basics of starting up a small business.
  • Chapter 5 through 14 will cover the basics of bookkeeping, accounting, and using accounting software.

Why we wanted to teach the courseLike many of you taking up this course, we’re also small business owners. We’ve gone through the same challenges of running a business that you’ve been through and that includes maintaining our own financial records. We’ve done the the paper-based and electronic methods of bookkeeping and once we discovered the cloud-based way of doing things, we found that it made our lives much easier. It’s our intent to share this knowledge with you so that you needn’t worry as much about the numbers side of your business and so you can simply focus on what you do best.Who this course is forThis course was designed to help the solopreneur who wears multiple hats or the small business owner with 0-10 employees. We wrote this course for people with very little (or no) accounting or bookkeeping background.What you’ll get from this courseIf you’d like to do a better job of managing the financial side of your business, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only will you learn how to use - and be comfortable with - accounting software you’ll also learn basic accounting terminology and various fundamentals to set up, manage and better understand  the numbers (and results) generated by your business.

How to Use this Course

Not every small business is alike and that people are at different learning stages in their business. We know you’re busy enough as it is so we’ve written the course in modules.This means that we’ve designed the course so that you can read only sections that are relevant to you. For example, you may already understand small business accounting terminology. That’s great, so feel free to skip that section and go straight to the one that applies to your specific requirement.Know your terminology (i.e. read Chapter 6)Because the course is modular and we can’t assume you’ve read a certain section where we’ve introduced a concept, we’re going to assume you have a certain level of knowledge. This is especially so with bookkeeping or accounting terms and concepts. In case you need some help (or just a refresher) the Chapter 6 - Small Business Financial Terminology is quite useful in this regard.

Course Downloads

  1. Accounting Equation Cheat Sheet
  2. Accounting System Checklist
  3. Small Biz DIY Accounting System Textbook


Course Progress

Check in here to see how far you've progressed in the course (if the bar below is completely blank, you've got a bit of work to do). If you want to see your quiz results, please visit the member page.